One of Leinster’s best known landmarks, and the one which probably lingers longest in the memory, the Hill of Allen sits high above Co. Kildare. It has spectacular views of the county from the tower that sits on the edge of the steep cliff. I managed to capture some amazing drone footage of the area.

My recent trip to the Algarve in Portugal was the perfect getaway. The popular region on Portugal’s southern coastline has so much to explore. From parasailing above the clear blue waters to a jeep safari at sunset, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I brought my drone along with me to capture the beautiful beaches and scenic coastlines it had to offer. Make sure you check it out…

The Sally Gap is a long stretch of road (R759) in Wicklow that hosts some incredible sights. By far one of the most scenics drives you will experience in Ireland. Starting high in the Wicklow mountains, the iconic road cuts across the amazing greenery and finishes at the Guinness Lake (Lough Tay).

At the heart of the Wicklow mountains lies Glendalough, a glacial valley with stunningly beautiful scenery. It is home to one of Ireland’s best loop walks. The upper lake consists of some magnificent rock faces and cliffs while the lower lake and surrounding areas host stone ruins of a monastic settlement originally built in the 6th century by St. Kevin.

The Salthill promenade is a seaside area situated in Co. Galway. There is a diving board open all year round which is a big attraction for tourists. Further up along the promenade lies a small peninsula that reaches out over the sea which makes for spectacular scenery for walkers by. On a cold, cloudy day I managed to capture some of it’s beauty.

Take in the sights of Dublin from a new perspective. In this video you will see all that Dublin has to offer from the point of view of a bmx rider. Dublin is famous for it’s lively streets and entertainment. Watch as I chase after Mik Penar, a bmx rider from Kildare, as he explores what the city has to offer.

Killiney Hill hosts some of the greatest views of Dublin and surrounding areas. Known as an outdoor heaven right on Dublin’s door step. The hill is the southernmost of the two hills which form the southern boundary of Dublin Bay. The hill overlooks both the Dalkey and the Killiney villages. I ventured out at dusk to film the stunning location which overlooks Dublin.

The Rock of Dunamase is a stunning medieval ruin on top of a large limestone outcrop in county Laois. Through the centuries, warriors have fought to control this site. The ruins have stood for over 700 years and are perched high above the countryside which makes for some amazing views.

The Guinness Lake otherwise known as Lough Tay is a thick, dark coloured lake adjacent to the Sally Gap in Co. Wicklow. It got it’s name because of the murky waters that resemble the world famous Irish dry stout. The lake can be viewed from many locations and tourists often stop to take in the scenery. My drone flew out farther than any road or walkable trail and captured some incredible angles of one of Ireland’s hidden gems!

Carrick-a-Rede is an island in Co.Antrim most famous for the rope bridge that links it to the mainland. The area is surrounded by spectacular islands only within a few hundred yards. My drone was able to capture some of these islands from above and they look amazing!

Pollardstown Fen is a spring fed, postglacial fen in Co.Kildare. The fen has a wooden walkway that brings you through the many habitats of wild animals and plants that surrounded the area. The sunset on this particular evening was magical so I decided to venture out to the little known area to capture some footage of one of Kildare’s best kept secrets.

It was a rare sunny day so I took a trip to Howth to explore what it had to offer. There is a fantastic walk that brings you all around the edge of the peninsula. Along the way I captured some amazing footage of the cliffs, beaches and famous lighthouse at the end of the walk. Seeing the area from above was something I had never seen before and it was fascinating to view the peninsula from a different angle.

The Bray cliff walk hosts some of Ireland’s most spectacular costal views. The 6km walk is parallel to the sea and runs next to the train lines linking Bray and Greystones. I love travelling to Bray and always enjoy the walk. I took my drone with me to take some photos as well as capture some footage of the things I seen along the way.